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Old Oakville Specialists

Our experience with heritage homes is your advantage. Heritage homes are all about the details. With many years of combined experience helping clients buy and sell heritage homes in Oakville, George and Gill know which details are vital to ensuring a successful sale or purchase.

A new build is pretty straightforward, by comparison, but a heritage home needs a special level of care, attention and experience. How a heritage home was built may not be up to today’s standards. The materials used may no longer be regulation. Your plans for renovation may not be permissible on that particular home.

Many factors go in to buying or selling a heritage home. Our experience and expertise makes sure our clients are covered. We want to make our clients, whether buyers or sellers understand all the considerations at stake and take the steps necessary to ensure keep the process smooth with a minimum of surprises.

Most issues, if there are any, can be addressed with a little research and a lot of knowledge. Our team has built its reputation on knowing exactly what to look for. We will help you take the required steps necessary to buying the right home or selling your home with the greatest market potential.

A heritage house makes a beautiful home

Heritage properties have a level of charm you can’t fabricate in a new build. From the architecture to the mature lot, there is a soul about a heritage home that only time can develop.

The right heritage property can be a very rewarding experience. Whether as an investment property or a place to fill with family, finding the right property, that is priced right, is much easier and far more rewarding with an experienced agent.

The Ontario Heritage Act

Many heritage homes in the heritage districts of Oakville, including Old Oakville, are protected by the Ontario Heritage Act. Homes in these districts conform to a strict set of guidelines regarding external renovations and changes. They require approval before any modifications can be undertaken. The process can take up to 60 days and may require adjustments to any plans submitted, to ensure that the home remains within the esthetic appeal of the area.

When looking specifically for a heritage property or even if you are simply considering buying one, there are great advantages to using an experienced real estate team like ours. Our knowledge of the heritage act and Oakville’s heritage districts will shed light on what home buyers and sellers need to know before they get into the real estate market. Being completely informed of all of your options will ensure buyers get the house they want and sellers get full value for their property. If you’re looking to purchase a heritage home, here are some things to look for.

Old Oakville Real Estate Specialists

If you’re looking to buy or sell Oakville real estate, please contact our team.