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Toronto Real Estate

The Cockcroft | Niblock Team has extensive experience helping buyers and sellers manage their real estate requirements in the Toronto area. With countless neighbourhoods to choose from, helping you find the perfect home for your family is what we do best.

The following neighbourhoods are the more popular areas of the city and the areas with which we have the most experience. Toronto is a big city: however, and there is no limit to our ability to help you find the perfect home within your budget.

King Street West

Bounded by Bathurst to the west, Spadina to the east, Queen Street to the North and Front Street to the south, King street West Village is a vibrant community that is one of Toronto’s fastest growing neighbourhoods.

Popular with young professionals, King Street West Village has been compared to New York’s Soho district with respect to its character and lifestyle. Young singles and couples will enjoy walking access to Toronto’s nightlife and work environments.

King Street West also plays host to the Toronto International Film Festival, adding to the neighbourhoods reputation as a trendy, hip place to call home. Public transit features Subway, streetcar and bus service, for easy access to the city of Toronto.

Annex Midtown

The Annex is an affluent downtown Toronto neighbourhood bounded by Dupont Street to the north, south to Bloor Street, Bathurst to the West and east to Avenue Road. The Annex borders the University of Toronto, and as such, is a highly educated and predominantly English speaking neighbourhood with a high student and faculty population.

With a higher than average income, the Annex is predominantly residential, featuring beautiful Victorian and Edwardian homes. The area also provides active social and mixed-use areas.

Public transit makes the Annex very accessible with the TTC subway system providing north, east and west transit as well as access to streetcar services. Bus service is also available throughout the neighbourhood.


Rosedale is bounded by the CPR railway to the north, Located just North, Yonge Street to the west, Bloor Street to the south and Bayview Avenue to the east. Just north of Downtown Toronto, Rosedale is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods and oldest suburbs in the city. Many of Toronto’s wealthiest and most famous people live in the area.

Rosedale’s elaborate street routes, lined mostly by single detached homes, prevent high traffic in the area. Combined with ample park space, it is like a suburb within a city. Real estate prices can reach into the millions with the average price of a home well over 1 million.

Riverdale and Leslieville

Riverdale is one of Toronto’s larger neighbourhoods bounded by the Don River to the west, Danforth Avenue and Greektown to the north, Jones Avenue, Riverside and Leslieville to the east, and Lakeshore Boulevard to the south.

East of the downtown core, Riverdale is a bustling Toronto neighbourhood comprised primarily of Victorian and Edwardian residential homes. Known for its art community, Riverdale features many independent galleries in the Queen Street East area.

A choice Toronto neighbourhood for young professionals, housing values are on the rise in this magnificent area with tree-lined avenues and a family atmosphere. A very multicultural environment, Asian, Greek (The Danforth) and other prominent cultures of the area can be experienced all within walking distance of one another.

Leslieville is a beautiful middle-income neighbourhood just east of the Don River and bounded by the CN railway line as well as Gerrard Street to the north, Empire Avenue to the west, Eastern Avenue to the south, and Coxwell Avenue to the east. This east-end neighbourhood forms part of the broader neighbourhood of South Riverdale.

The Beaches

Originally a summer resort for the citizens of Toronto, The Beaches has become one of Toronto’s most sought after addresses and a popular tourist destination. Located to the east of Old Toronto and bounded by Fallingbrook Avenue to the east, Kingston Road to the north, Woodbine Avenue to the west and south to Lake Ontario, the Beaches is part of the east-central district of Toronto.

With an active commercial area along Queen Street east, residential homes are mostly semi-detached Victorian, Edwardian and new-style builds. With some low-rise properties, the cottage like feel of the neighbourhood has remained intact and still offers a lake-side feel.

Residents enjoy quick access to downtown via the streetcar service, which runs west and east along Queen Street and Kingston Road. Buses and subway access are also available.


A vibrant and creative place to call home with a wonderfully diverse community, Roncevalles attracts people of all walks of life, from the young to the old and of every culture. A thriving arts and music community, the neighbourhood is always alight with activity and creativity. The area was made for the arts with several historic venues such as Canada’s oldest movie house, the Revue Cinema, as well as the Palais Royale.

Streetcar access is made easy with the oldest division in the TTC, built in 1895, with subway access available at the Dundas West subway station.