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West Harbour Oakville Real Estate

West Harbour lies just west of the 16 Mile Creek and is bounded by Dorval Drive to the west, the creek to the east, Speers Road to the north and Lake Ontario to the south. A quickly developing community, West Harbour boasts of a lively main street, Kerr Street, which is undergoing a cultural shift toward becoming a choice shopping, dining and antiquing destination. Properties in this area include small to very large detached homes of a varying price range as well as condos, townhouses and several apartment complexes.

Values increase the closer you get to the Lake and 16 Mile Creek. The inner core and more northwardly homes are quickly becoming excellent investment and living properties, especially considering their extremely close proximity to the waterfront and Downtown Oakville area. Several homes and estates in the million-dollar plus category can be found along the creek side, south of Lakeshore Road and along the lakefront.

Houses for Sale and Pricing

There is something for everyone in West Harbour. A detached house for sale in the area can vary widely in price starting at the $300,000 mark and reaching as high as $2,000,000. The condo market regularly sees condos for sale in the $200,000 to $1,800,000 range, whereas townhouses for sale begin just under $500,000 and can also reach as high as $2,000,000.

Access and Activities

West Harbour provides quick access to the QEW via Dorval Drive and Kerr Street as well as the Oakville GO Station. West Harbour is a quick walk to Downtown Oakville and offers Kerr Street as Oakville’s second “Downtown” destination. The area features several parks, perfect for young families. Other activities in the area include the Oakville Arena and Oakville Yacht Squadron (OYS).


  • Ecole Saint-Marie (elementary)
  • Oakwood (elementary)